3D rendered video for @tilapioneerit, a project-oriented course of @universityofhelsinki 🏙🦊. Seldom make renders. But this time #imarenda. Made with #blender #blendercycles and open data from Helsinki Region Infoshare. #opensource för the win. ...
posted 3 weeks ago
SOON COME: full recording of "Magenta Boy", a musical theatre piece about a YouTuber confronting their sexual identity. The one-time show was performed 12.12.2017 at Musiikkitalo, Helsinki. Duration 14 minutes. I worked on the visual design and ...
posted 3 months ago
Another preview of my visuals for #HYTKY × #VIALLISET rave tonight. Music by @voolfvirgin, unreleased banger. 👀🔊
posted 4 months ago

Screenshot of my visuals tonight at @hytkyry × Vialliset "A.I." rave, Helsinki UG. 💻 Keywords: computational, 3D, Windows, Facebook, cyborg, NO VIDEOS. 🚫📹
posted 4 months ago