I just changed my Instagram profile photo but this one's better. Official. Also promoting my Facebook page, link in bio ⚠🔝🍑🔥✌ ⚠ :::::::DDDDDD New #official #branding or #promo photo for #Viiksimaisteri. 1957 × 1991 × 1998 × 2016. ...
posted 3 weeks ago
#selfie n°2, when the process gets frustrating I find this highly entertaining.
posted 4 weeks ago
Derpy fuxkin
posted 4 weeks ago

This is one of my babes about to go raving if all goes as planned. 👀👃👀 Multi-screen #visualprojection. #interactive #artwork, at times moves #generated. #generativeart, probably sensor based, at minimum beat-synced. 👌🤓🔊
posted 1 month ago



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The Society of the Spectacle
The Society of the Spectacle